Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We've Moved!

It's been a busy summer in RL, so designing and posting for Dress with Aplomb has been on hiatus. However, we did find a new and improved location for the shop. It's now located at Beraudes: Third Life Books, Third Life Interiors, and FarPoint Media.

Here's a section of their group charter:
Third Life Books, Third Life Interiors, and FarPoint Media- this is the omnibus group! We're dedicated professionals and hobbyists, commited to fiction, podcasting, self-improvement and a better Second Life. Members get special privileges, invitations to hot events, including writing classes, select podcast events, readings by First Life authors, exclusive parties, chats with rising stars of SL, SL building classes, private sales, self-improvement courses, loads of new friends, and group-only freebies!

Kat Alderson who runs the place with a hands-on enthusiasm that I've yet to witness anywhere else in SL (as well as designing fabulous furniture for Third Life Interiors) has welcomed me warmly. Thanks for everything, Kat!

I'm across the Green from close SL/RL buddy, Luta Lussard where she has a satellite (pun intended) shop of her gallery: A Space for Dreams. In it you'll find oodles of her original space art.

There's much more at Third Life, some of which I'm only now discovering myself. Come and see. Don't forget to shop at Dress With Aplomb while your there!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tuxedo FUNction

Black and White and Great all over!

Tuxedo FUNction, originally uploaded by Aplomb Pomilio.

This great outfit comes with black, satin-trimmed jacket, long and short pants (capri tights) and a beautiful long flexi-skirt.

There are also two flower-print flexi-skirts in short lengths that can be worn together or separately.

The tuxedo blouse has great detailing.

It comes with lots of fun accessories and, as always, a gift from Aplomb.

L$ 180

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


And now for something completely different!

Make a statement and an impression wherever you go in this edgy but---at the same time---utterly fun outfit.

Comes with a short symmetrical flexi-skirt suitable for everyday wear and a longer asymmetrical flexi with a glow, for those special glow-ccasions. Also includes three versions of the graffiti shirt and two versions of the great black jean capris.

Boots not included. (They come from Lassitude & Ennui!)
This outfit comes with a gift from Aplomb.
L$ 130

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Kiko is a light, summery outfit made from four cotton fabrics. The blouse has a white-on-white embossed floral design. The kimono-inspired neckline, cuffs and skirt are made from three 1930's-inspired print fabrics.

There are two short flexi-skirts. One is meant to be worn at the waist so the overall effect is of a dress. The other is a mini, to be worn on the pelvis thereby showing off the decorative band at the hip of the shorts.

All-in-all, Kiko is a joy to wear and to look at. And don't forget, it comes with a free gift from Aplomb.

L$ 112

Monday, June 9, 2008


This French-inspired outfit comes with two berets, a sculptie scarf (tintable to the colour of your choice) and so many flexi-skirts I've lost count!


One of the flexis is an empire, making a kicky, fun-to-wear mini-skirted dress.

But the real charm of this outfit is the strapless blouse with soft quilted detailing on the bust and the bolero jacket, tied at the collar with brooch on the bodice.

All this, plus your free surprise gift from Aplomb, for:
$L 180

Friday, June 6, 2008


Special, originally uploaded by Aplomb Pomilio.

"Special" is a sweet, fun and versatile outfit that comes in four colour combinations.

The designs use original vintage-inspired fabrics and the focal point is the great two-toned blouse that has a cinched-waist vest tied in front with matching sleeves. The blouse can be worn with or without a lower blouse that continues the base colour of the underblouse into a lighter gradient.

It comes with two flexi-skirts---a mini (more of a tutu) and an ankle length one. You also get matching slacks with a contrasting cuff and an adorable pair of capri jeans.

$L 160
$L 220 for all four colour combinations

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau, originally uploaded by Aplomb Pomilio.

Introducing a classy, timeless outfit: Art Nouveau.

The fabric design comes from early 20th century prints of art nouveau floral designs. It comes in two colour schemes with both short and long flexis. There are also tights to go with each of the outfits.

L$ 170 + a gift from Aplomb

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Open for Business

Now open for business, Dress with Aplomb boutique is located at the Bourbon Street Shops and Art Gallery, paradaisu, 198, 17, 22

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Coming Soon!

Aplomb Pomilio will soon be opening her shop in Second Life.

Her fashions are classy, unusual, fun and wonderfully-detailed. Each design begins with the fabric. She works with silks, leather, knits and comfy cotton in an extravagant variety of vintage prints, artistic/photographic textures, and internationally-inspired motifs. You'll also see some experimental, even at times edgy fashion that takes advantage of the special attributes of SLife.

Aplomb offers you style--always, with that little something extra. Each and every outfit comes with a free gift!

This site will offer easy online viewing of Aplomb's collections. Bookmark it and come back often!