Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Fashion Releases!

We've had great month at our new location: Wind River Territory. Please do come and check out all the great shops, events, and the sim itself. Do please, be careful! I have evidence that there's a local bear and you must always watch out for my *pardners* riding their horses down Pie Street. Check out the events calender in the Saloon. More than anything, come and shop at Dress with Aplomb. There are always new items and they are always great value for the money!

Here are our newest releases. More to come soon!

The NEWEST! Going in the store today. Fun, rolled-up jeans decorated with buttons in all the right places. There's also a version without buttons.

Rhia has a wonderful hip scarf! I love it so much that there will definitely be more of these!

In honour of our Old West theme:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wind River Territory Grand Opening!!!

September 23 through September 30th, the new Wind River Territory sim is having a full schedule of special events and sales. September 23rd is a one day Sidewalk Sale all over the town with all items 50% off!

Come by and drop in at the Saloon to see the whole week's schedule and make sure to pick up your free cowboy hats, a gift from Aplomb. You can get hats at the Saloon or pick up a boxed set of hats and bandanas at the shop.

There's MORE! Dress with Aplomb is having a Treasure Hunt Sale all week. Different items will be selected each day and priced at an amazing 90% off! Drop by often to pick up as many bargains as you can.

Wind River (formerly Third Life Books, Furniture and PodCasts) has so much to offer everyday so make it one of your SL picks and come join the great folks who make it such a special SL place.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Savra - Limited Offer during the Grand Opening of Wind River Territory

You'll glow in this jewel-toned outfit.

Classy and sexy at the same time, this outfit will be pulled from your inventory over and over.
Limited offer during the Grand Opening of Wind River Territory only L$75!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

We're moving!

Third Life Books etc is morphing again and Dress with Aplomb Boutique is going along!

Our new home is Wind River Territory, a Western-inspired, wind-swept theme. Watch out for the tumbleweed! Our shop is on the main street. You can't (and shouldn't) miss it. We should be set up by August 19th or so.

Come on and buy!

Dress with Aplomb Boutique, Wind River Territory (56, 87, 21)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer Collection - 2009

Aplomb has created a bouquet of summer fashion...lots of colours, sheer and semi-sheer casual and dressy clothes with so many mix n' match and layering possibilities! Come to the shop and pick something from Dress with Aplomb's bouquet. Or...visit Aplomb Pomilio on Xstreet. Just click on the design you're interested in. All the new designs are there and Xstreet makes it so easy to buy online and get it in-world!

New in 2009! All of Aplomb's flexiskirts are scripted with Cale Vinson's SkirtSitter script so that your skirt automatically readjusts to a sitting position when you do. No more disappearing skirts!

Victoriana and Metal Fittings - Spring Collections 2009

Aplomb's waaaay behind on blogging her fashions, so here comes the Spring Collections followed immediately by the Summer one! 2009 has been a busy year for Aplomb and the shop. LOTS of great fashion.

The Victoriana Collection

- 180 L


De La TERRE - 170L

- 180L

FEMME d'OR - 180L

- 150L

Les VAPEURS - 180L

M'LADY - 180L


- 75L

The Metal Fittings Collection
~steampunk meets junkyard~